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Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes for 15+ Years in Los Angeles
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The Landlord Advocates is a team of English and Spanish-speaking experts in Southern California, specializing in assisting landlords and tenants. We specialize in evictions, relocations, and real estate development projects. Our team clearly understands community navigation, landlord-tenant disputes, and successful resolution techniques. Though we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice, we work with a trusted network of real estate attorneys.

We’re good at what we do because of our understanding of the cultural and geographical complexities of Southern California. Over the past nine years, The Landlord Advocates developed unique expertise in strategic planning for problematic evictions, relocation services, and assistance with tenant negotiations. We’ve worked on behalf of property management companies and property owners for various public/private projects.
Our firm has helped corporate entities and individuals meet their needs with the best possible outcomes. We also have established expertise in stakeholder involvement, working with Section 8, and collaborating with the LAPD and the LA County Sheriffs to ensure safety and security.

Some Property Management Pain Points


Illegal Occupancy

Illegal Garage Conversions

Illegal Occupancy of Garages


Gang Injunctions

Gang Presence

Lis Pendens

Nuisance Violations Cases

Unauthorized Persons

Section 8 Housing

Unauthorized Animals, Pit Bulls, Aggressive Dogs


Uncooperative Tenants

Loud / Disruptive, Disturbing the Peace of the Surrounding Tenants

Drug Sales

Domestic Violence Issues

Non-payment of Rent

Late Payments



Building & Safety Issues

REAP Issues

Buildings in Disrepair


Lead, Mold & Asbestos Testing


I got a deadbeat tenant and TLA got him out FAST…Superb Team!

Joe Wilson
Apartment Owner

The Landlord Advocates’ staff have AMAZING skills and knowledge on how to get rid of my trouble tenants!

John Chen
Real Estate Investor

These Guys Have Never Let Me Down! Always Professional and On Point every time.

Home Flipper

Best team I’ve ever worked with. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects.

Real Estate Investor

Best Eviction Company in Southern California in my 20 years of Real Estate Investing.

Real Estate Investor

The Landlord Advocates

Protect your real estate investment, and let The Landlord Advocates team take care of that problematic tenant!

***We are not eviction attorneys. We work WITH attorneys, property owners, property management companies and state and city entities to ensure proper handling of property management and eviction issues.


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