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The Landlord Advocates is a property management, relocation, and eviction service network that implements real estate related services. Consult with our experts before starting the eviction process, and trust our specialists to provide effective solutions.

Private Investigation

Are you stressed out with handling tenant disputes? Leave it to our licensed private investigator to survey your property and find an appropriate solution.

Process Serving

Count on our licensed and experienced process servers to deliver notices to tenants promptly and with a high level of reliability.


Currently worried about damaged property in need of proper security? We offer effective fencing services and can board up and secure said property for you!


Don’t want to deal with an eviction? Leave it to our professional staff to maintain constant communication with you, oversee the eviction process, and ensure your needs are met.

Onsite Services

The Landlord Advocates offer physical removals; we have trained staff on-site to handle the physical aspects of the eviction process.

Onsite Security

Hire onsite security for your property. We can help get you overnight security or contract with local security companies to protect your property.

Security Camera Installation

Install security cameras on your property and prevent incidents like vandalism. Our team will examine the property and neighborhood to ensure both tenants’ and landlords’ needs are met.

Trauma & Crime Scene Remediation

Need your property cleaned after an unfortunate incident? Our team is certified in Trauma & Crime Scene Remediation. Leave it to us—no job is too ugly or scary!

Section 8 Housing

The Landlord Advocates works with various caseworkers in Los Angeles to assist with tenant relocations and procure new market-rate vouchers for them.


Is your property facing issues like mold, fire & water damage, asbestos, and so on? Leave it to us to help relocate your current tenants and free up your property.

Towing & Junk Removal

Is your property cluttered with unwanted junk or unauthorized vehicles? The Landlord Advocates can arrange for towing services to help you clear it out!

Why Choose Us

Often, landlords cannot effectively communicate or negotiate with tenants due to emotional attachment to the property. That’s where we come in; The Landlord Advocates act as a neutral third party to facilitate negotiations between landlords and tenants. Our job is to represent the landlord and remove them from uncomfortable conversations or confrontations.


I got a deadbeat tenant and TLA got him out FAST…Superb Team!

Joe Wilson
Apartment Owner

The Landlord Advocates’ staff have AMAZING skills and knowledge on how to get rid of my trouble tenants!

John Chen
Real Estate Investor

These Guys Have Never Let Me Down! Always Professional and On Point every time.

Home Flipper

Best team I’ve ever worked with. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects.

Real Estate Investor

Best Eviction Company in Southern California in my 20 years of Real Estate Investing.

Real Estate Investor

The Landlord Advocates

Protect your real estate investment, and let The Landlord Advocates team take care of that problematic tenant!

***We are not eviction attorneys. We work WITH attorneys, property owners, property management companies and state and city entities to ensure proper handling of property management and eviction issues.


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